Welcome to ECKC!

Communities thrive based on the innovation of Entrepreneurs and Businesses.  They play a key role in supporting our community and providing a stronger economy as they create new opportunities through their innovations.  In addition, they develop better lives for the citizens of the community and for the community as a whole.   Unlike other cities, Kansas City is based on a strong sense of community and many of our best corporate citizens strengthen and build a better place for all of us to live and work.

An entrepreneur, is often considered someone who takes risks to form a company.  But an entrepreneur is more than just a self-employed business owner.  An Entrepreneur is someone who creates a path, where one did not exist before.  They are a trail blazing problem solver who asks questions without a solution.  They find a solution where one does not exist.

ECKC is dedicated to making the Kansas City community better and stronger by supporting Entrepreneurs in their effort to find their path.